Restaurants and bars are sometimes maligned, but they are very important to our very sense of who we are as a people.
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“I’ve told so many people that [Restaurant Guys Radio] is basically Car Talk for Food, and I mean that in the most positive way. I don’t know how often you guys listen to Car Talk but that’s quite a compliment.” >> Listen: hi | lo

--Charlie Trotter

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Listeners Speak!

As a person who has lived many years in Cleveland and Cincinnati (and frequently travels back and forth), I couldn't agree more with your comments on Ohio. I was laughing out loud because I knew exactly what you were about to say before you finished saying it. You just failed to mention that these highway exits with fast food are usually no more than a 1/2 mile to 5 miles apart! Sadly, until I lived several months in New England, I never knew that Ohio was the only place where a highway exit with food, a bathroom, and a gas station can always be depended on within a 15 minute drive. I really thought all populated states were like this.

As for Golden Corral, it doesn't have the best reputation. It's unfortunate that you had to experience that as unique to Ohio since I have purposely managed never to eat at a Golden Corral. I just went through Portsmouth in June and didn't see any local food there either. Next time you are coming to another part of Ohio, let me know and I can see if I can recommend some good local food for your trip.

Danielle Glick
Cincinnati, Ohio

First, let me say how much I enjoy your podcasts (yes, that’s where I hear you). I live in Chicago, but never miss a show. I even went back and downloaded all the old shows and listened to them. Obsessive – yes, but something I’m sure you understand. Your show notes are great and I’ve checked out (or purchased items from) many of your guests.

I’ve always been a foodie, but thanks to your show I’ve not only become more educated, I now care about how the food gets to the table (not just what is on it). I’ve totally bought into the religion of “doing good by doing well.”

I know that you are big about food being a locus of the community. I wanted to let you know that your shows also bring together a “community.” My wife and I always enjoy your shows and love discussing them. Occasionally, I might sneak in a show or two during my commute, but inevitably end up calling her to comment on something I just heard on your show. We’ve turned on several friends (from Chicago to California to Brussels) to your shows (podcasts) and now we all discuss them. So, your show is bringing people together (as well as raising awareness).

Although Chicago has a great restaurant scene, we really hope to make it out to New Brunswick to check out Stage Left.

Thanks so much for the education and the entertainment.

Kelvin Roth

Love your podcasts. This weekend I caught the Mad Cow episode with John Stauber...Scary stuff. One question I had was about the transmission of the disease to humans. If a human eats an infected piece of meat, what are the chances that they will get the disease? The fact that they have picked up the disease in the US on a random and seemingly biased sample tells me there is a lot more of it going around the food chain than we realize. If it takes one time, or even a few times of eating the meat to get it, I am going to have to re-think my diet. Any thoughts?

Todd Johnson

I love your show and listen every day! I was wondering about something I have never heard you discuss before, dress code. My husband and love trying new restaurants, but I'm always wondering what to wear. I don't want to dress to formally and look silly, but I also wouldn't want to be the only one in the room dressed in my business casual work attire. Do you know a good way to decide what's appropriate?

South River, NJ

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to drop you a line from the booming metropolis of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I've subscribed and have been listening to your show daily for about the past month. As you had made mention during the show with Michael Ginor recently, I am sending an e-mail to let you guys know who all is listening out here in Podcasting land!

Great show! I love the interviews as they don't focus too heavily on any one topic but, seem to cover great content on food, wine (my favorite), and the finer things in life. The content is just deep enough to educate and not over-detailed to the point of putting the non-professional to sleep.

If I'm every on the NJ area, I'm heading to Stage Left.

Keep up the good work!

Nick Solga
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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